Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update/Jesus Is a Friend of Mine

Good news, Charlie doesn't have H1N1. Bad news, she still has a fever and now I'm feeling sick too. So we are home another day, bored out of our gourds. Yesterday I took advantage of her feeling sick and me feeling fine to do all the winterizing of the house and garden while she slept. Today, with a house totally ready for the next few months.... well, that's what YouTube is for.

So.... time to indulge in some pop culture goodness. Check out this gem I found you.

Take the time to taste the Welch's on this one.....

Notice the TRILL on "friend" at the 1:15 mark.... the electronica soon after that.... the guitar player's moves (2:25).... the costumes... the guy in the back on the right...the lyrics ("Jesus found me and touched me deep inside....")

This is a CLASSIC.

Sheer genius.

Enjoy, this is my gift to you today.

No need for thank you cards. I know you are grateful.


Michelle said...

Aaaaahahaha! Thank you GOD the music didn't stay that way. GAG.
If you're bored and interested, here's the new spin on "Jesus" music...
And guys who've been around for ages. I've always enjoyed them. Think you'd like the lyrics to this one.--


Adopting1Soon said...

Thanks for the links, Michelle. There has definitely been a lot of evolution (no pun intended...) in the Christian rock genre. And I suppose that is a good thing.

I really do enjoy "Jesus is A Friend of Mine" though, in the kitschy, corny, 70's big collared, John Waters' big hair aqua net sort of way.

I love all that stuff. :-) How could one not?

Of course, you know that I also love the head banging 80's metal as well.

Michelle said...

All I can do is cringe and laugh when I see that sort of thing, regardless of genre. I swear I have so much empathy I feel embarrassed for the people. lol
Wonder if 30 years from now I'll react the same way to what I now enjoy?
How are you feeling? How's Charlie today?

Anonymous said...

This was GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

This was GREAT!!