Tuesday, October 20, 2009


(Disclainer: I had just taken her hair out of puffs... this is not her usual "look")

Time to start learning how to use a spoon! Yay! (check out those rosy cheeks! So cute!)

Hmm, it might just be easier to turn the whole pudding cup upside down....

Hannah wants to help clean up.

I'm getting the hang of this!

PS, Yes, this is a refined food, but it's sugar free at least. Blame Opa, who left it behind in the fridge! I can't waste food. Not after growing up in Africa and having recently visited Ethiopia. So we don't do it often, but if it's a choice between eating refined foods or throwing them out, we'll eat 'em.


eihpets said...

Charlie is such a sweetie! You have a beautiful family. I've just started the process of adopting from Ethiopia as a single woman and would love to ask you some questions. If you're willing to share some of your experiences please email me at steph atmark eihpets dot com. I've enjoyed following your adventure, maybe I'll get brave enough to post my own some day!

missy said...

remember when you asked if she was cuter than the kids who won the cutest baby thing? well, i forgot to answer...she most definitely is! even with food splattered all over her and her hair in de-puffed mode!