Friday, November 27, 2009

What is Your Faith?

I have long been confused, "agnostic", uncertain, and a mind changer when it comes to religion and faith.

I know what I don't believe in. That's easy.

Not so sure what I do believe in though, if anything.

I found this website that asks 20 or so questions and then analyzes your beliefs and aligns your beliefs with the closest religion to your beliefs. It was interesting!

I was raised Catholic. However, according to this quiz, Roman Catholic is at the bottom of my belief system. Here are my results for anyone who is interested:

1. Unitarian Universalism (100%)
2. Liberal Quakers (99%)
3. Neo-Pagan (91%)
4. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (90%)
5. Secular Humanism (88%)
6. New Age (84%)
7. Mahayana Buddhism (80%)
8. Theravada Buddhism (73%)
9. Reform Judaism (72%)
10. Taoism (71%)
11. Baha'i Faith (60%)
12. Orthodox Quaker (57%)
13. Scientology (57%)
14. Jainism (56%)
15. New Thought (56%)
16. Nontheist (56%)
17. Sikhism (54%)
18. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (41%)
19. Orthodox Judaism (40%)
20. Hinduism (40%)
21. Islam (35%)
22. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (27%)
23. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (27%)
24. Seventh Day Adventist (26%)
25. Eastern Orthodox (24%)
26. Roman Catholic (24%)
27. Jehovah's Witness (14%)

I'm not even sure what Unitarian Universalism is.... I'll have to look it up.

What are your results? Go to this website and take the quiz, then come back and let me know. I know a lot of adoptive families are Christian, and adopt due to the whole "caring for widows and orphans" passage in the Bible. I'm definitely not one of them. I adopted because I wanted to be a parent and I was single. Also because I grew up in developing countries and that left an indelible mark on me as far as helping out those less fortunate, as well as being highly aware of other world cultures. Plus I'm drawn to the Ethiopian people. I find them an attractive people so in thinking about which country to adopt from, that part was easy enough for me.

I will most likely raise Charlie in my own unsure beliefs. In a way, I would hope that she had a stronger faith, as I think that can help one get through life. But I can't teach her something I don't know myself. I will allow her to discover her own heart in this matter. Whatever she wants to pursue, if anything, I will back her up. As long as it's not Sun Young-Moon or David Koresh, etc!

So... what are your beliefs? Did the quiz get it right?


Sam's mom said...

I'm Mahayana Buddhist and it called it: 100%. Only scary result was Scientology 68%. ewwwww icky-icky!

sko3 said...

You might really like the U-Us. Many of them are seekers, too. And I would actually consider you a seeker rather than an agnostic, as you seem to be interested in having a religious faith, you just haven't found one that works for you.

FWIW, I'm a Christian minister--usually work as a college chaplain, but right now I'm a seminary administrator. And I adopted because I wanted to be a parent and I am single. I help orphans and widows (and the homeless and battered women, etc.) through volunteer work and financial contributions. S isn't an act of mission for me. She's a missionary TO me.

Adopting1Soon said...

It's amazing to me that you can know that through reading my blog.

This community can be so supportive. It does blow my mind sometimes.

Sam's mom,

Yup, I had Scientology in the 50's percentile.... Which makes no sense to me except the part where they worship science as some of the questions were about evolution, etc.

Cathy said...

I took it and found it interesting.I was raised Catholic and still attend Catholic church but do not agree with all Catholic teachings.

I got Mainline to Liberal Christan Protestant as 100%. My dad would freak if he saw that but it is what it is. Scientology was on mine as well. WEIRD.

Nobody said...

here's the top 7 results for me...

1. Unitarian Universalism (100%)
2. Theravada Buddhism (93%)
3. Secular Humanism (92%)
4. Liberal Quakers (81%)
5. Neo-Pagan (72%)
6. Mahayana Buddhism (70%)
7. Taoism (67%)

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% UU, with you. Makes perfect sense. Unit. Universalism is the most open, most welcoming, most liberal of the Protestant denominations: you might remember that it is the church where our grandfather and grandmother chose to have their funeral services. My div. school was/is UU. Totally accepting of gays/lesbians/bisexuals; no rules against female get the picture. I think of myself as more super reformed Jew, but I answered all God questions with n/a, so....there you go. :) dcuz

DeeAnn said...

I find myself leaning strongly towards Unitarian beliefs. I, too, struggle with my spirituality.

On a side note, just found your blog and wanted to share that I was going to name my daughter Charlie as well, until I heard her Ethiopian name and story. Then, there was no changing it!


Adopting1Soon said...

Dcuz, I thought it was UU where we had the services for 0 and O, but I wasn't 100% sure. And they had to go to some of the services for awhile in order to be able to use the church for other things too, didn't they?

DeeAnn, so what is your daughter's name? Thanks for stopping by :-)

DeeAnn said...

I ended up with Birhane Charlotte. Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles. Birhane Charlie just didn't have the flow.