Saturday, November 21, 2009

Putting Stuff Away (and Charlie's first word!)

Is this kid loved or what????

She has her own cheering section.

Boy do we fawn over her!

But how could you not?

PS Charlie said her first word on Thursday! Well, her first really clearly pronounced word. It was "ba-ba". She said it very well :-) and totally on purpose. She wouldn't say it again, perhaps due to being startled by my impromptu kitchen dance.... but still, big step!! My baby's growing up!


Amy said...

Those cheeks! She is so adorable.

Sarah said...

She even takes a bow at around 40 seconds in!

She is so darned beautiful, I just want to cuddle her and eat her up!

Kiki said...

I tought she took a bow too! How cute! Maybe she'd care to organzie my cabinets when she is here. ;-)

Adopting1Soon said...

Ha, Kik! Funny!
Unforch, she is much better at taking everything out of the cabinets, and in record time... much faster than I can keep up with putting the stuff back in the cabinets.