Friday, November 20, 2009

Super Secret Diaper Rash Help

Recently I read about a diaper rash treatment in one of the parenting magazines. Charlie had a persistent rash and so I decided to try it.

Apparently many diaper rashes have a yeast component (especially the rashes with small bumps) and so buying over-the-counter yeast infection ointment (you know, the kind for female yeast infections) and applying it to the child's bum seems to work.

I tried it, and in 2 days Charlie's rash was gone, and it has not come back. That was a couple of months ago. This solution seems to have some staying power. Much longer than zinc, which works slowly (if at all) and the rash comes back as soon as one stops using it). We have not had to use zinc or anything since using the yeast infection stuff, and her bottom is clear and gorgeous. And squeezable. I'm just sayin'.

I thought I'd share, since to me this was a God sent super secret solution!

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