Monday, November 9, 2009

Maple Cheesy Corn Bread

I am not a fan of corn bread. I've always thought it is too gritty and coarse for bread. I prefer my bread soft or chewy. Not gritty. Blech.

Butttttt...... having another rainy day here and too many boxes of STUFF in the pantry, I decided to make some just to get rid of the box, and who knows, maybe Charlie would like it. She seems to like everything. I need to cook some of this stuff and make some room for newer, fresher, healthier stuff.

So I followed the directions on the box, but I also added (in the interest of using up more ingredients) a cup of frozen corn, a half cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese, and a dollop of maple syrup.


Can I tell you.

Corn bread has a new fan.

Try it. It's freaking FABULOUS!

The frozen corn adds nuggets of hot sweetness which explodes between your teeth. The cheese adds some salty sharpness, along with moisture and strands of gooeyness. And the maple syrup... SMELLS..... DIVINE.....

Add a pat of hot buttery goodness....


Next time, I'm going to add some crumbled cooked bacon, to balance the sweetness with some salt. In the past, I've found that combo is delectable.

Try it sometime, it's delish.



Chrissy said...

YUM! it looks great! I also add sour cream to mine (probably instead of the maple syrup) and sometimes hot peppers if I am in the mood to be a little "spicey"

thanks for sharing over the past couple of days!

Anonymous said...

Sounds super yummy. I'm so proud of you for cooking up a storm. I invent stuff like that sometimes, but it doesn't always come out so good :)
Thanks for the bday wishes and card! Dcuz