Sunday, December 20, 2009

SOS! Day 4 of no heat. Snowbound!

Subject: SOS! Day 4 of no heat. Snowbound!
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 20:18:51 -0500

We've had no electric or heat for 4 days, snowed in, trapped. Send help.

Kidding about the help part, although if anyone can cut downed trees and plow roads go ahead and send them.

The inside of the house is 35 degrees and 60,000 people in my county have been without power in this snowstorm of the decade. We have over 18 inches of snow and we are in The South, so not prepared (can you tell I'm a Yankee transplant?)

I have 3 trees down on my property, 1 of which I chopped down with a flimsy little hand saw because it threatened to pull wires down. Pioneer woman!

Charlie is bundled like a chinese kid, with so many layers she can barely bend her arms. We are surviving thanks to the gas stove burners which help a little, and the 3 canine furnaces which help a lot. Other than being cold, the worst is the boredom... Its dark. No tv, no computer, no radio, no lights to read by.... I'm almost out of Chai. Things are getting desperate.

Seriopusly though, we are out of milk and down to canned goods as perishables have already perished.

I shoveled the driveway so I could charge the blackberry in my car and not die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

I hope this blackberry post works... Please excuse typos... Thumb typing is clumsy. I'll be back with pictures once the power comes back.

How are all of you?

Talk to me please, I'm bored out of my gourd! I may not be able to respond, but trust I am checking for comments every 5 minutes. Trust.

Update: plow came but left a sheet of ice. Since I'm on a hill I still can't leave the house! I saw the utility truck try to make it up our road, he was slipping and turned aroiund halfway up. Hey! Come back here! I need my internet! I think it's too dangerous to attempt, esp with a baby. Even if I got down, I'd never get back up...
Kiki, dani, singlepap, thanlks for your comments! They all made me smile. Kik I can't get out of the house to go to a friend's house. Dani, yes neighbors are pulling together.

I need more comments please, I'm already done reading those three.

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Hotmail: Trusted email with Microsoft's powerful SPAM protection. Sign up now.


Single PAP said...

oh no! i read that NC had no power and was hoping you were not affected! gosh, how horrible! glad you have ways to get some heat and enough food. how scary with a baby. you are a pioneer woman! so impressed! take care of yourself and charlie! hope you get power soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what good spirits you're in considering the tough conditions. We're thinking of you and wish we could whisk you away from all that. I can't believe you cut up a tree! Is it possible to drive? Are there any emergency shelters? Do you have water? I can't believe how long you've gone without electricity. How can you even charge your black berry?? Thank goodness for the dogs and their warmth. Are neighbors combining resources? Can't wait to see you in a few days. Hope you can get a flight out of there! dcuz

Kikivr said...

I just heard last night from Tante L. that you were in this predicament. I had called her to see if you made it safely. I'm amazed that you are taking the time to get on the Blackberry to post stuff. LOL. You crack me up. I can't believe it is taking them so long to get your heat/electric turned back on. Do you have any friends without that problem that you could go stay with? Just think, only one more day and then you are on your way here and we have plowed roads (although delayed school openings today for some reason) and heat and electricity and family who are dying to see you and Charlie! Can't wait for you to get here! Jamie & Heather called me last night looking for you too. They were on their way back from Heather's folks and wanted to stop by and see you guys but couldn't find my folks (who were watching Matthew & Olivia so we could wrap presents). If you have a snow suit for Charlie bring it because there is a great little hill in my parent's backyard for sledding! Safe flight! Stay warm! Love ya!

Rachel said...

Hope you get electricity back soon!!!!

Long Journey Big Dreams said...

wow sounds like quite the storm! I wish that I had some amazing ideas for you to pass the time -- but none come to mind! Hang in there and hopefully it passes soon!!!

Nobody said...

oh my goodness!!! that's terrible! i was lucky enough to not get a single flake of snow the other day... which i count my lucky stars for, since i despise snow and anything cooler than a hot summer rain. unfortunately, i don't have any interesting stories to tell to keep you entertained. i hope that by the time i've finally gotten around to writing this comment you're already enjoying a hot, fresh, meal in a well lit dining room of moderate temperature.

J-momma said...

man that sucks! i'm a yankee too and got some snow but in CT we never lose power for longer than a couple hours. we did lose our heat too though, last night and today. just got it running again this afternoon. it happens every year (on the coldest day of course) cause our furnace sucks. we used space heaters all night and day but it was still cold. i don't envy you though, i would have lost my mind by now. no TV! dang! hmm...wish i had something even mildly amusing to help you pass the time. well, mateo told me today he wanted a giant donut for his birthday. that's an interesting thought. stay warm and hope you get your power back soon!

Billy said...

Wow! I'm wining about our so called "winter" (that is - almost completely no winter) and the other side of the world (that's your side :-]) such a snow blizzard! Can't weather be spread a bit more evenly???
Anyway, hope you get electricity back soon. I can't imagine how it is like to be in such conditions with no electricity to heat, entertain and all.