Sunday, December 13, 2009

I put a pee soaked girl on Santa's lap.... does that put me in the "bad" column?

After checking the website to make sure we arrived on time, Charlie and I stood in line excitedly to see Santa at 12:59 PM yesterday.

At 1:00 PM, a somewhat bitchy elf came by and strung a rope up right in front of us. "Santa's going to lunch. He'll be back at 2:00".

Harumph! He could stand to miss a few meals, imo.

I said something about how they should mention that on the hours listed, so people don't plan to come with small kids right then, and the "elf" (I use that term kindly) retorted that it was right there on the sign. "The sign that is pointed away from everyone in line?" I asked, "Because it's not on the website which is where people who are deciding when to come would look."

Score. But no joy in that. We took off to waste an hour at Build-a-Bear, which was fun. I changed Charlie at one point.

45 minutes later, hair disheveled, dress stained, and cheeks tear stained (not from seeing Santa but from not being allowed to eat ice off the mall floor) we headed back to Santa's area.... only to see a doubly long line around the corner.


Oh well, it's Charlie's first Christmas with me and so we must do what every other parent does and force her to sit with Santa. We got in line. We waited. We fidgeted. We cried. We peed. A lot.

I discovered her wet stockings when we were next in line to sit on Santa's lap. It was 3:00 PM.

Now I ask you..... after all this, would YOU have gotten out of line to change her???

I think not.

So enjoy this photo, knowing Santa is wondering: "Is her butt really warm or is that wetness?"

Does that put me in the "bad" column? Will I be getting coal this year??? Yikes! Sorry Santa!

Her dress rose up, and I couldn't fix it because she was JUST about to start crying. They had to snap the picture right then, or miss it. So this is what we got for her first Santa experience! I think showing Charlie her personalized Santa video helped prepare her, she was definitely not as scared as some of the kids in line. And to see some hilarious Santa with crying kids photos, go here. It makes me really wonder why we do this to our kids??


Sam's mom said...

WOW. Hill.AIR.EE.US! But I wouldn't have gotten out of line at that point either.
Sam has "stranger danger" so we didn't do it this year. We never did as kids (how crazy of our parents?) so it wasn't a big deal for us, but I TOTALLY get it's importance to parents across the globe.
I personally think it's a great picture of Charlie. But then again, I'm a bit biased...I don't think Charlie COULD take a bad picture.

Nobody said...

i tried to get the Santa picture with my son once... ONCE. on his way to a major meltdown and a typical crying baby picture, i scrapped the project. the Santa at the mall actually creeped me out... he was obviously a very young guy with a fake beard on. he never said a word, and just glared at me with the most piercing blue eyes i'd ever seen. i got some seriously bad vibes off him, and i made that first mall Santa experience my last mall Santa experience.

Long Journey Big Dreams said...

lol - that is going to be a great story to tell in years from now! Regardless of the wet tights -- she looks so adorable in that picture!!

Calmil2 said...

She looks so darn cute. You are totally on the "bad" list, j.k. I don't know why we put our kids on a "stanger's" lap when we spend most of our time telling them not to talk to strangers. Same with Halloween...we tell them not to take candy from strangers and then we send them out Trick or Treating, ha, oh well, it's fun :)
Enjoy your first Christmas together!!

J-momma said...

lol. okay, look at santa's face. i think he knows it's wetness. in fact, i think he can smell the pee. you might be on the bad list, but you know what, i would have done the same thing. i think i would've gone off on that elf too. man, the things we do for our kids. i swear, i've never been so mouthy and confrontational since having kids. all that aside, charlie looks cute and that's what's important!

shauna said...

Awesome. Yep. Totally would've forged ahead too... Ha.

Chrissy said...

You did great... I may have punched the elf (they are creepy in my opinion any way)

the picture is ADORABLE!!

Malia'sMama said...

year one, all goes well
year two- it was hell
now, year three, lots of smiles and pics for me!

yeah, lame-o poem, but you get the point LOL

Charlie is precious!!