Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Fake Baby. Yikes!

Last night I had to make the oh-so-difficult decision between “Transgendered and Pregnant” and “My Fake Baby”. Do you ever have those kind of agonizing decisions to make? Well, I do, almost every night. Life is tough without Tivo.

After switching back and forth for a few minutes, the decision was made: “My Fake Baby.”

Have you SEEN this show??? It’s on the BBC channel.

It’s about women who collect the “reborn” babies, and treat them like real children. The “reborn” dolls look very life like, and some of them breathe, or wiggle. Some have beating hearts. All have tiny veins, soft angora hair, and incredibly baby-like skin (some are mottled, such as the newborns and some have that porcelain pore-less yet downy skin), all have the heft and weight of real babies. One of the womens' grandson had moved across the world and she was so stuck on him, so fixated, that she gave the doll maker pictures of him. On her “delivery day” (yes, they called it that), the day she picked up the doll, she said: “Now, nobody can ever take him away again.” She wrapped him up in blankies and tucked him safely into the car seat (a more expensive brand than mine, mind you, for an inanimate object) while driving off in tears of gratitude. It was sad how obsessed and hurt this woman was, but also highly creepy that a doll could replace her grandson.

Here is a clip you can watch.

One doll maker shows off her wares at this website Check out how realistic the dolls look. Does anyone think Kennedy Rose is a little scary looking? One thing that creeps me out is that she has pages called “The Labor room” and “Adopted Babies Nursery”. She says “new mommies name the baby”. She writes “I have enjoyed receiving many sweet thank you’s and letters from the forever mummies that have adopted my babies.” It’s all over the top with not being in reality. I wonder if it psychologically hurts the women who buy these dolls as “replacements” for miscarriages or the death of a baby. I mean, it would kind of delay grief, wouldn’t it? If the woman is just collecting the way I collect books, that’s one thing… but to take these dolls out in strollers and bask in the attention of “being a new mom” (as Harry’s grand mom says) is weird. Isn’t it??? It goes without saying: THIS IS NOT ADOPTION. This is buying a doll. For exorbitant prices.


Human kind.

If you are interested in buying a reborn doll, or making your own, you can buy them on Ebay, or buy the kits to make them yourself from here

Which shows are your secret voyeuristic indulgences? Please tell me! I might be missing something good!


Nobody said...

ugh. yeah- i've seen that show. those things are extremely creepy, and i think the people that buy them for anything other than laying in a glass display case are extremely pathetic, in a "they need help" kind of way. i usually try not to be so harsh with my opinions... i like to keep an open mind, but i just couldn't find it in me to be less harsh to a bunch of grown women carrying around (and spending exorbitant amounts of money on) life-like dolls. and treating them as such. i feel sympathy for their grief... but am very disturbed by the way they handle it. but i suppose i'd rather they carry around those ridiculous dolls than kidnap a real baby... but STILL. it's creepy.

Sam's mom said...

I saw this show once and was both creeped out and angered. We have been through so much to create a LIVING family, and these women want society to indulge their fantasy that a doll is their real baby. The money sickens me (because it could be used to help REAL LIVE children in need) but it's their money so their business.
I know this is so judgmental of me, but it really erks me.
From a mental health standpoint, I just cannot believe its healthy. Going to the grocery store with a doll when you're 35 years old? Come on!

Joyful Mom said...

Wow. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this. I checked out the gallery of dolls and you are right, Kennedy Rose is scary. She looks mad! As in, the doll is going to come alive kill me as I sleep mad. And who on earth would want the doll with the perpetual cry-face? I've got to watch this.

I have to admit to watching the occasional episode of Hoarders online. It always inspires me to clean out a closet or drawer.

Missy said...

The weirdest part was the "formula" bottles...(conditioner and water). Oh, and the lady who returned the one that wasn't perfect. Weird!!

J-momma said...

uh, yes, i have seen these "reborn" babies and the people who obsess about them. i think it was on dr.phil or something one day. can we say creeeeeepy? i don't mean to be rude but seriously, these women must have some undiagnosed mental illness going on. it's just crazy! i really can't put it any other way than crazy. if they miss babies so much, why don't they become foster parents and take care of REAL babies? ugh. i can't even talk about it anymore. it's just weird.

oh, and you know my crazy show to watch is the beauty pageant shows. i think it's wrong on so many levels to do that to your kid, but i keep watching it. maybe watching these kinds of shows makes us feel better about our own sanity/parenting/values. who knows?

hazel said...

Hey there - I just came across an old email from you and realized I forgot to add you to my blog now I have :-)

Those fake babies give me the heebie jeebies, too.

darren said...

I acouldnt agree more. reborn dolls are a matter of taste or preference and while some may find them creepy there are lots that adore the beauty and the amount of work it takes to create one.