Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Having a daughter for Christmas

This was not Charlie’s first Christmas, but it was her first Christmas with us, her forever family.

I wonder what her mother is doing in Addis? And her brother. I hope they are OK. I have sent pictures and a letter to the address I have for her, but so far have heard nothing in response. I know that Ethiopians celebrate Christmas in January, and Charlie and I will send prayers across the globe on that day.

Back here in the USA, Christmas was joyful.

Much better(in my opinion) than before Charlie's arrival.

The Christmases the past few years have been decent, great, fun, and it’s always nice to spend time with family. But there was something missing. And this year she was not missing. She was very much a part of every moment of Christmas for me.

We made it to family after the snow storm of the decade. Three days late, but still made it safely. We spent our time between two relatives houses. Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch were fabulous. I made a special drink called a “Maple Buttery Kiss” on Christmas Eve that was yummy, or at least I thought so ;-) . My aunt set a beautiful table and the lasagna dinner was delicious.

All the cousins played together and Charlie had a blast. They all went down into the basement at one point, which is a huge basement, very long and perfect for riding toys (such as the motorcycle and car seen in pictures). It was like a small amusement park down there. Boy was it chaotic at moments! Chaotic but fun. Totally out of control. Charlie held her own, but was asleep by 8 PM and slept until 9 AM Christmas morning, that’s how exhausted she was.

Christmas morning we opened presents and for the first time in years, we kept it to a reasonable amount. It still took all day to open them, but at least the adults didn’t get or give many to each other, it was mostly about the kiddos this year. Then we ate and played all day. Perfect. My family embraced Charlie 150%, and she is now going through attention withdrawals because it’s back to just me and her. She loves the 21 person attention-fest that happens when we go home to visit!

This is the Holiday Wrap Up, since I’m not celebrating New Year’s Eve, to my knowledge. I hate NYE anyway, always have. It makes me sad. Sad and usually disappointed. So I’ve just stopped celebrating it, and now that it would cost even more with having a babysitter, it’s not worth it. I’ll just relax with Charlie at home and wish her the best 2010.

I do have pictures of other family and cousins, but have not yet gotten permission to post them.


Nobody said...

we don't celebrate New Years either...

in the "between" time- after puberty, and before i had kids- i hated Christmas. then i had kids and they gave the holiday a whole new meaning. i actually look forward to it now. with a kid around to share Christmas with, i've rediscovered the magic... i absolutely love every moment of it. glad you and Charlie had a great Christmas!

Amy said...

I am so glad you had a great Christmas and that your family is so supportive. I can only hope I can write a similar post next year.

Calmil2 said...

She is just so beautiful!!! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!! Happy New Year.

christall said...

Ok - we have phone numbers and stuff for Ava's family but she has been asking over and over again if we could send something to her sisters. I told her that we couldn't send things over there because I had NO idea how... Could you share with me what you did?

We do talk to her sisters/brother every other week or so - but she would just LOVE to send them a letter or something.

Thanks ~ Christall