Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If you have a black daughter, there's something you need to know...

I try to be very careful with the foods I feed Charlie. We are not perfect, sometimes we slip, but for the most part she gets a pretty healthy diet. I have read that African-American girls tend to physically mature faster than Caucasian girls (not sure why that is) and one theory is the hormones in cow's milk. So I'm spending the couple extra dollars to buy the organic, hormone-free milk. Also, it's better for the cow's life.

Here is an NPR article we all need to be aware of if we have adopted girls of African descent. This article says that breast cancer strikes black girls younger than other races. Why? They don't know. My guess is the hormones again. Whenever we mess with nature, we create monsters eventually.
Click here to read it.

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