Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh Sweet Jeeezus How Good it is!!!!!!!!!!!

Internet, TV and HEAT ARE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Man did I do the happy dance all over the house!

I woke up my neighbor and sang in her ear!

Ahhhh... life is good again. I had resigned myself to a dark, cold Christmas alone with Charlie but it looks like I MIGHT (pending no plane crashes) be able to be with my family for Christmas!

I got to drive around a bit today (to buy Chai of course) and every 30 feet a tree is down. It looks like a disaster area. Where is Obama to give us some funds??? There are utility trucks on every corner. Two lane roads are one lane, traffic lights are out, it's a bit eerie. But I'M FREE! FREE AS A BIRD! AND THAT BIRD WILL NEVER DIE-EAYYY-EAYYY!

Kind of sad that the Internet and TV can make me so happy. Or rather, the lack of reduce me to a heap of bored mess.

Here are some pics of the past days:

OUTSIDE:First day, it's still fun and beautiful....

End of first day, trees are starting to look sad.

Umm, yea, that's my driveway somewhere there...

This is still the first day, about 18 inches fell that day. We got another inch or two the next day.

This is the tree that fell against my house. Note how close it came to both breaking my window, and knocking down the cable wires. That would have meant no electric or Internet for even longer. Thank God for small (as in an inch) favors! Note my trusty saw hanging there in a moment of exhaustion.

This is the tree, or parts of it, after I pioneer woman'd it.


"Momma. Can't. Move." Actually, it was bedtime when I bundled her so much she could barely bend her arms.

I was so unprepared for this. I had:

- half a book of matches
- a flashlight with a dying battery

I did not have:
- boots or gloves for shoveling
- Charlie's coat, mittens and hat (locked up in her school)
- salt for the driveway

We survived though. Each match was revered. Each candle, pruned and nursed along.

Thank you, all of you, for writing me comments and getting me through this last day when I was really losing it. I could expound on all sorts of deep thoughts I've had over the past few days, such as how easily a terrorist group could bring a city to it's knees by knocking out the electrical plant and the water reservoir.... or how close we all are to living like animals and our "civilization" with it's "Internet" and "heat" is an oh-so-fragile illusion about to come crashing in at any moment... certainly by 2012 I'd say. But I"m not going to. Instead I'm going to spend the night doing electrical activity, such as dish washing, laundry, and maybe, just maybe, some TV. Tomorrow we leave, please pray for our flight. Frankly, we've had enough excitement for this Christmas season.

We hope you have a MERRY MERRY Christmas! And, of course, a joyous Festivus for the rest of us :-) Don't forget to "Air Your Grievances" and have a fun wrestle.

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Billy said...

Merry Christmas :-)
Glad you got electricity back.
Hope you have a great time with your family.