Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Magic: Your kids will be mesmerized...

My cousin, Kiki, turned me on to this link. It's a video of Santa talking to your child. It's very personalized, from a picture of your child, to his/her positive achievements, gift wishes, location, hair color and name. So once you input all the info, it's pretty fun to watch! And best of all, it's 100% FREE!

Charlie watched her Santa video with excitement and I could feel her little heart beating under her shirt and see the wonder in her eyes. Even though she has no idea who Santa is, she knew enough to realize he is magic! I video taped her the second and third time she watched (I never remember to video the first time, ugh), and each time she was enthralled. Her little eyes were opened so wide!

Click here to watch the Santa video and see if you want to make one for your child. There are different age ranges: toddler, tween, good kid, bad kid, etc so you can pick your category (I wonder what the "bad kid" category is and if anyone actually picks that!)

I'm starting to "get" the Christmas awe that parents seem to have when watching their kids at this time of year. I didn't really, before. I mean, I knew intellectually that parents got a kick out of watching their kids open presents and get excited. But I didn't really understand in my heart, how it feels, when you see your kid's face lit up in delight, awe, joy. The first time Charlie watched the Santa video, I got a clue on how wonderful that feels.... to watch your child see Santa for the first time.

I haven't felt this excited for Christmas for years. Since I was little actually.

Then we opened the first day of the Advent calender and she was surprised and delighted there was a piece of chocolate behind the window. She wanted to open and close the window over and over.

What is your favorite part of the holidays, as far as watching your kids, that is?

PS Happy Birthday to my Aunt and Uncle. We love you lots!

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