Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sometimes I amaze myself.

In order to be a more "motherly-type" mom (rather than the super cool "rock n roll type mom I seem to naturally be)(that's a joke, folks), I decided to try and make candy. Well, also because it seemed fun, and a cheaper way to indulge myself than buying $14.00 boxes of English Toffee in Charleston. My mother told me it was really hard to make, to I entered into this endeavor holding my breath.

Guess what?

Easy peasy! And so delish!

I followed a combination of this recipe and added almonds inside the toffee and crushed walnuts on top of the exterior chocolate, the way I like it best.

Here's the process and how it turned out. Freaking faboosh!

Melting the butter and sugar:

Spreading the toffee on a cookie sheet after mixing in the almonds. Then smearing chocolate chips on top until they melt.

Final product with crushed walnuts on top:

Wowza, this is better than a Heath bar. This is better than what I bought in Charleston. This is candy crack. I need an intervention.

Mom, guess what you are getting for your birthday???


Nobody said...

wow, that looks tasty! definitely something i'm going to bookmark away for future use...

Megan Day said...

Mmm, sounds great. Can't wait until I can have dairy again after Ella is finished nursing and then I am going to make it!

Missy said...

OH YUMMY!!!!!! I've tried to make it once and it did not turn out well.... so I just keep buying the occasional Heath bar!! :)

Single PAP said...

OMG that's so wrong to publish! i am trying to be good, but those look DEVINE!

Anonymous said...

WOW, it looks scrumptious but must I wait until my birthday?! How clever of you to even try -- I would never have done so thinking it is too hard to make. Mom