Friday, March 5, 2010

Dr. Seuss's Birthday Celebration!

Charlie's daycare celebrates birthdays the same way I do: all week long!

This week was Dr. Seuss's birthday. What an fabulous children's author. I love all his work. My all time favorite is "Yertle the Turtle", mainly becasue I love his name. "Yertle". It just makes my tongue giddy.

Monday was "Crazy Hat" day.
Tuesday was "Crazy Shoes" day
Wednesday was "Crazy Hair" day
Today was "Pajama" Day.

Due to biting stress and stress from missing work due to snow again, I totally forgot about the first 3 days. To make up for it, yesterday I helped Charlie dress in all of the above: crazy hat, shoes and hair.

Here she is "dressing herself". She can put on shirts and pants on her own, and is working on shoes.

Here is her "crazy hair" which was just taking her braids out.

Here is her total outfit, with hat and sparkly ruby boots.

Here she is after sneaking into my drawers and stealing a Dali T-shirt and putting it on all by herself.

The most excellent news, that I'm scared to write about for fear of jinxing it, it that she has gone ALL WEEK without biting! She was switched into a slightly older class with slightly stricter teachers (I think) and it stopped. I am bringing her a Lifesaver everyday so she does get a reward, but no chart. The Director ended up nixing the chart, not because she thought it wouldn't work, but because she thought the teachers couldn't be consistent enough (with 12 kids to a class, I understand). Anyway, whatever works is FINE.

Another achievement? She COVERED HER COUGH today. I'm amazed at all these seemingly small things she picks up on. Wow. Blown away.

And here she is playing a game we call "Hoarders". Ahem.
(Yes, that's my bra on top. C STILL is enamored of breasts and everything to do with them. She calls them "bay-bees".)

Who is your favorite Seuss character? Or book?


Billy said...

I LOVE Dr. Seus! My favourite is "The Sneetches".

And great how she's gone a week without biting!

sko3 said...

YAY! What great news. Selam is obsessed with bras, as well. Not so much fun when people are over. I'm thinking of storing them way up high for that reason. At least until after the social worker visit is over.

Anonymous said...

I love Charlie! She is so cute! I love all your posts & pictures!!
I love Green Eggs & Ham book best!!

Kiki said...

Two things to mention: first your 8 yr old neice asked me to get her a sports bra last week. Since I have memories of asking my own mother for a bra when I started to "sprout" and she told me I didn't need one and didn't get me one and I subsequently wore a bulky wool sweater in July to cover up my "bumps" I decided long ago that the day she asked me would be the day I got her one. So off we went, with her best friend Alison and Alison's mother, Amy in tow. Alison already has one and wanted to show Olivia the right thing to get and they could confir and make sure they were getting "the right thing". I asked her why she wanted one and she said because in the summer when she wears spaghetti strap shirts and bends over everyone can see down her shirt. So that made sense to me. It's modesty, not so much that she thinks she is developing yet. So she now happily owns 2 new "bras" which are really just sort of cropped tight fitting undershirts but I'm not saying anything. 2nd thing is we watched home movies and thought of you because not only were you in them but there are more than one recording of us saying to Matthew, "Did you have a good day today at school?" and him answering, "I no bite" or "No, I bite" or "Kenny bite me" etc. So, again, don't worry, it happens to everyone but I'm glad the moving up to an older class seems to have helped. If she is already getting dressed herself then she definitely belongs in an older class. That's amazing!

Claudia said...

What a big girl to get herself dressed already! You should be a proud mama.
About the lifesaver - is it a gummy one? If not try switching to lollipops (dum dums are little). Hard lifesavers are a choking hazard. I'd hate to hear that Charlie choked on one as such a young age.

Adopting1Soon said...

Good call Claudia. I thought because it had a hole in it would not be a chocking hazard. We'll switch to dum dums.

Adopting1Soon said...

Kik, that is hilarious. I hope Ola doesn't read this blog though.... ;-)