Monday, March 15, 2010

Our First Time Apart

I'm leaving this morning for a conference in Charleston with my favorite colleague so that should be loads of fun. During the day we will be in training for 8 hours, so that might not be a party, BUT, we are free at 5 PM to do whatever we want at night! And we get paid a certain amount for food and incidentals! Yay! Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company here we come!

This will be the first time since Charlie and I met that we will be apart. That first day, June 20, 9 months ago.... we have not been apart for a single night since then. I have left her all day at day care, and with family and babysitters for a few hours here and there. I wonder what it will feel like?

Will I miss her horribly or will I feel free and unencumbered?

And how will she feel? Her grandparents are on their way to babysit for a week. She loves them so much, I kind of doubt she will even notice I'm gone. When they are around, I'm definitely a "second class citizen" around here anyway ;-) I'm interested to see whether she will miss me or not. I kind of hope she doesn't, because I don't want this to be hard on her, but I kind of hope she does, because it would show attachment on her part. Also, who wants to be so replaceable?? Not me!

I'm bringing my computer so I can Skype if she wants to.

Thanks for watching her Opa and Babcia! Have fun!


Nobody said...

have fun at your conference! when my son was 3 my husband and i left him with his grandma for a week so we could go on our late honeymoon. he didn't even realize he missed us until we came back...

Anonymous said...

Are you leaving for a week? Wowza. That's awesome. I haven't done more than a night/two, but I can tell you: you will feel guilty for about a second; then unencumbered. Then busy/free/busy/free/guilty/guilty/free/so happy to see her.

Enjoy! dcuz

Kiki said...

I agree with Dani, you will miss her but you know she is in good hands and she'll be having fun with your folks so hopefully you'll also have a great time with adult conversation and no food on the floors (unless of course your colleague eats like a child). Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

Well, you must be having too much fun because you haven't updated our blog at all. How's it goin? :) dcuz