Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some Things Make Everything Alright Again

Tonight, as I lay Charlie down in her crib, and handed her a ba-ba, she said in her cute baby voice: "Tank chew, mama, nite nite" and the annoyances of the day melted away as I stood there with my ice cold heart melting rapidly.

" I love you, Sweetie, very much" I said.

"Lub chew, mama, nite nite."

"Night night baby girl."


Nobody said...

how precious! my daughter doesn't say the coveted "i love you" yet, but when she goes night-night, she gets so excited. she snuggles down into her blankie, and snatches her paci, and closes her eyes and giggles. i always kiss her head and say "night night" and just seeing the expression of sheer joy and relaxation on her face is so sweet, no matter how bad she was that day (which unfortunately has already entered the terrible 2s) my heart just melts. i just love this age. :)

LegalMist said...

Aaawww, how sweet. :)

Moments like those make it all so very worth all the day-to-day troubles.

Christie said...

You are so right! Isn't it amazing how God gives us little blessings to make everything ok!!!

Following your journey and praying for you along the way!


Single PAP said...

aw. sweet!