Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh What A Letdown. And Up Swing.

Charlie bit again today. TWICE.

One time she did it at the end of the day, moments before I picked her up, so I saw the immediate after effects and what was/was not done.

The new teacher was not there and the secondary teacher was putting ice on the child who was bitten. Charlie was not in time out, just wandering around.

So I put her in time out, gave her a stern talking to, and made her apologize to the girl she bit. I was not impressed with the "immediate" punishment, as there was none when I was watching. Maybe they need two teachers there to accomplish that, as obviously the hurt child needs immediate attention.

But that put me in such a disappointed state of being. After a week and a half of no biting.... I hope this is not Charlie becoming more comfortable in her new class. I knew it was too good to be true... to go from biting 5-6 times a day to zero. The director said: "Oh well, you can expect some back sliding" as though it wasn't a huge deal. But I know my daughter. This is her being stubborn either when the disciplinarian is out of the room, or because no one was watching and she thought she could get away with it. I'm afraid she's back to biting and now she will get kicked out.

I'm sure most of you are thinking, well, good, she shouldn't be in a school with that racist teacher, but A) see last post about whether the teacher is a racist or ignorant and B) this is the most diverse school in my town. Every 3rd family walking down the hall is trans racial. Her class is a toddler-UN. And it's a mile from my house. And it's the most affordable (all the other day cares are at least $100 more per month). And they serve breakfast, lunch and snack and none of the other day cares serve any food, I'd have to buy it (more $) and pack it daily (more time). So I REALLY REALLY want C to stay in this school!!!

On a more positive note, tonight Charlie dropped her baba and milk spilled. As I was getting a rag to clean it up, she pulled the rag from my hands and RAN to the spill. SHE CLEANED IT UP HERSELF. An 18 month old. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I NEVER TAUGHT HER THIS! WHAT A GOOD GIRL!! The PRIDE I felt watching her... took my breath away!!! OMG she is a roller coaster ride of emotions this little one.

In order to catch it on video, I had to spill more milk, so now she thinks it's a game.... yea, I'm not thrilled about that but who cares if she cleans it up herself?

So in one day the disappointment, fear, and powerlessness meets pride, joy and warmth. All from two little behaviors.


Anonymous said...

Awesome that Charlie likes to clean up. It's a great time when they start to want to help!
And don't worry about the backslide. Just see where it goes. I have to say that if I had a daycare that fed my child all those meals, I would NOT give it up; packing lunch (and occasionally breakfast) is a PAIN. It takes at least 1/2 hour each morning (and no, I can't do it at night; things get mushy/cold/what have you).
Also, the diversity is key. But it sounds as if the director has your back, so I wouldn't worry for now.

Missy said...

That was SO cute!!!