Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just a quick update since I need to run to class.

Charleston is a cute little city and our hotel is in the middle of hundreds of restaurants. I feel like all we've been doing (other than training) is eating. Everything is walking distance and we are smack in the middle of everything we need. The hotel is very nice, and the bed is unbelievable. I could stay in that bed for days.

I do miss Charlie, but not as much as some parents miss their kids. Not yet anyway (Day 3). I do find myself thinking about her at random times throughout the day, and last night at dinner I reviewed our phone call and her cute voice and got some pangs.

Apparently, she is not missing me too much either. Other than a couple of minutes of crying after we Skyped, she seems to be having a blast with her grandparents. We'll see as the week progresses. She did ask to call me last night. I don't want her to be sad, but I also really want to know she is attached and that I'm not just a "bottle machine" or diaper changer to her!

On another topic, I'm fascinate by this woman in my class who I think has either had plastic surgery or botox. She looks good, but slightly fake. I'm staring at my wrinkles in the hotel mirror here, with my 40th birthday fast approaching, and noticing all kinds of wrinkles that were not there last year. Losing weight is great, but it has ONE down side: wrinkles.

So this woman's skin looks translucent and completely wrinkle free. I checked her earlobes and there connect directly to her face. That means plastic surgery, right? I'm not sure she's had any, but I'm PRETTY sure. There's just something about her not quite right. Her skin is shiny.... it looks good though in a way.

I'm not sure I would ever get plastic surgery on my face... there's nothing worse than that pulled look that so many celebrities have (Burt Reynolds, Joan Rivers, to name two). But Botox? Hmmm... Would you ever get Botox? They are not sure what the long term effects are, I don't think. It's BOTULISM that is being INJECTED into YOUR FACE. How can that be safe??? On the other hand, so many people are doing it... I never thought I'd be so vain as to do something dangerous to look better. But then, I never had wrinkles before either.

Would you ever Botox your face? Why or why not?


Kiki said...

I remember learning somewhere in my studies, some sociology class no doubt, that there was a study done of incarcerated people and an extremely high percentage of incarcerated people have attached earlobes. So now, whenever I see someone with attached earlobes I think they might be heading to jail any day now. :-) I never thought of plastic surgery, but you may be right. Although, if her skin is shinny she might have had a chemical peel or maybe some pre-skin cancer growths removed or something. I don't think botox makes your skin shiny, it just makes it less wrinkly because the muscles are frozen and can't make frown lines. Personally, I know that if I lose 100 pounds my treat to myself is going to have a tummy tuck. No doubt in my mind. And if I have bat wings under my arms they are going too. Oh, and around my knees too. I wouldn't hesitate. I just wouldn't do liposuction. That scares me. Botox might be in my future too but I might let you go first and be the guinea pig. ;-)

Glad you are having fun in Charleston.

Nobody said...

i would not get botox. in the end, i'm just too afraid of something going wrong. if i save up for any kind of plastic surgery in the future, it will be to get my saggy breasts hitched back to where they belong and slightly reduced in size. i'm only 27 and they've been having scintillating conversations with my belly button for too long now.

Tamra said...

You know, I've never been a fan of the majority of facial plastic surgery because I hate how artificial people look when they've gotten it. As far as botox is concerned, at this point in my life, I would say no, I wouldn't get it. HOWEVER, I am a believer that one should never say "never". I don't know how life will change, how my views will change, etc... 30 years from now.

I've never considered plastic surgery before until recently... I've had a lot of vaginal trauma due to childbirth that has resulted in prolapse that it both uncomfortable and will continue to worsen with age. It has left me feeling very insecure with my body, and I have realized that having that area "fixed" would not only have physical benefits, but emotional and mental benefits as well.

My thought is this: if it makes you feel happy, more confident, and more secure with yourself... why not? I think there is a limit for sure, but injecting a little botox here and there so you don't avoid smiling... is that really any different than dressing up for an evening? Or putting on a face full of makeup? Sure, it's a little more involved, but it's still a similar (or even the same) principle.

Missy said...

Yes, and no. IF I had plenty of money to spare and really cared about my wrinkles, I would do it. And probably a whole lot more nipping and tucking.... BUT since I don't have the extra cash and the wrinkles are not bothering me (yet), I would say no. Plus, I'm scared of needles!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the report on how long-term botox injects will ruin your face forever. I mean, injecting your face with a poison that causes your muscles to be paralyzed? There is no way that is safe.

The thing with your earlobes attaching directly to you head can be just genetics. My sister and Dad both have it and neither of them have had plastic surgery. If anything my sister would have surgery to unconnect her earlobes as they interfere with the number of pierces she can get on her lower ears (she has 17 ear piercings and counting.)

Jennifer said...

This might be a little out of place, but either way, I just wanted to let you know that I have been keeping up with your blog for a while and am loving it. I have been thinking of adopting for a great deal of time now and this blog was very meaningful in helping me decide to do so. I truly appreciate the way you put yourself out here on the internet for others to learn from you. I admire your "spunk" and perseverance throughout the process.

Tami said...

Do what works for you. Would I? If I wanted to, yes. Try can move afterward not like Botox.