Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Idol Jumps The Shark

Is it me or is American Idol A.W.F.U.L this season??

I'm so disappointed!

I don't really like ANY of the contestants. Some of them are PAINFUL to watch and listen to.

Kara still annoys me with her lock-jaw, and Ellen is terrible! If she calls someone "adorable" again, I'll roll my eyes so high they may get stuck. Isn't that pretty condescending to call someone "adorable"? Over and over and over?? Ugh.

When I first heard Ellen was joining the team, I was excited and thought she was a great choice. But really, she's a terrible judge. Not that judging appears to take much insight really. "Flat." "Pitchy". "Wrong song choice". I mean, can't they come up with something else??

That Tim guy's smile is so forced and creepy... DeeDee is a fragile disaster... Lee is utterly forgettable, a cheap Springsteen wannabe... Andrew was AWFUL tonight. I can't believe the judges all loved him tonight. It was GOD AWFUL. The only one I like is Sioban and she is also getting predictable with that ending scream. As Simon said tonight "It's getting boring, Sioban." Oh, I also like Crystal Bowersox. Other than that they are all pretty terrible.

AI has really jumped the shark. I thought that might have happened when they added Kara, but now it's a definite with getting rid of Paula and adding Ellen. It had a good run, and I loved watching for the last 9 seasons. I'll still watch the rest of this season, out of loyalty and nothing else to watch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But I wouldn't be surprised if this is the final season. With Simon leaving it's really time to bury this show, unfortunately.


The times they are a changin'.

I guess "X Factor" will be the new show to watch next season.


The Richards said...

I've heard the same remarks from our local morning radio personalities. Apparently AI sucks royally this season.

Kiki said...

I actually fell asleep during it last night, so that tells you something. I too only like a few of them, like Crystal, Siobhan, and Casey (pretty much just think he's sexy, not that I'd go crazy for him if I just listened without watching. Totally my type.) Oh, and I like that little 16 yr old, Katie girl. I think she'd be a good addition to the Radio Disney channel that I have to listen to constantly with the kids. But I'm thinking that Crystal probably won't make it because she is too hippie for the general viewing audience. Casey won't make it because he doesn't one thing only, doesn't shake it up at all. Katie might have a chance if she would go the country route like Carrie Underwood did. Siobhan is just to freaky weird for the public to embrace. I think Andrew is just awful and I can't understand how he hasn't been booted off yet. So, I'm guessing that Aaron Kelly is going to be the dark horse who wins because the teeny boppers will vote him through. Just my guess. You are right about the judges though. They drive me nuts. I fast forward through Randy but I still tune in for Ellen in case she makes a joke since I love her sense of humor. Fast forward through Kara and listen to Simon. Found if you TIVO it you can fast forward through all the garbage fill stuff and commercials and watch the whole 2 hour program in about 35 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree..the show stinks this season. And what's up with Kara sitting so close to Simon? She may as well be perched in his lap. Ugh.