Sunday, June 28, 2009

We will be back shortly after this message from your sponsor... Charlie and the squirrel

I'll get back to the Ethiopia story later, but just discovered I could post videos here on blogger.

This is this morning, when Charlie discovered the squirrel and chipmunk that come daily for their allotment of peanuts.

What do you all think? Is she the cutest EVER or what???

PS Congrats to my neighbor Sally who gave birth yesterday to Charlie's new best friend, Mia Rose!


ModernMom said...

Oh gosh! Too cute:)

Michelle J said...

YAY! Her first Squirrel interaction caught on tape. Tell her her Autie Michelle loves squirrles too and not to lidten to Cate when she tries to tell her they are evil. :)
I love that she is already turnign to look when you say "Charlie."

missy said...

first of all...that is so cool that that squirrel pays a daily visit. i love how it comes to the window and she bangs to say hello. second, and most importantly...when you say her name and she turns to look at you HER MOMMA, it took my breath away.

Shannon- said...

Hey great job momma. Looks like things are going great.. ok in the 1 minute 17 second sort of way.... First... she's on the ground, not having to be touching. Bonus for bathroom breaks for mommy. And also.. she keeps looking back at you, 'checking in'. That's a very very good thing! YAY!!! WELCOME HOME!!

Angela said...

I love how she knows her name already. What a little smartie. She's such a cute little bugger. Wow.