Friday, June 12, 2009

Virtual shower! Isn't this amazing?

(Above are gifts from the shower organizer, Gwenwifar. Thank you so much for the shower, Gwenwifar!)

As I wrote previously, my BookCrossing community organized a virtual baby shower for me and tonight a few of us met in an online chat room and I unwrapped gifts. Boy, will Charlie's bookshelf be full already I think!

Since the letters and cards will remain private, and go into Charlie's scrap book, here is the loot!
This is from Shelj7k in Ireland (my baby will be a well rounded worldly girl. There are books from Ireland, Canada, Hawaii, and all over!)

My parents arrived after I had opened the first box, and they were blown away, as was I, that these are people I have never met. Not only because of the gifts sent, but because of the letters and cards that people wrote. REAL letters. REAL cards. With hand written emotions. Awesome.

This is Opa, trying out the Elmo hand puppet before Charlie arrives, so he will be a pro once she comes.

This is a close up of the BEAUTIFUL crocheted blanket that dg7500 made.

Book and a soft photo album from Bkind2books:

And one of my favorites, Curious George, from Dove i Libri (and a nice frame) (Guess who's mug will be smiling out from that frame?)

This is a daily meditation type book with funny things that kids do. I'm going to take it to the office and check it every day for a laugh. Thanks to Chubsie Whubsie!

Some books and lots of BookCrossing labels (a very important BC'ing accessory) of all types! Thanks to Hyphen8!

Some lovely books that I think Charlie will enjoy, from Jessibud. Thank you!

And what a cute onesie! And look at the booties! And the entire Pooh Bear collection! Pooh is my absolute all time childhood favorite. I so love Pooh and Piglet, and Kanga and especially ROO. And of course Eeyore. He's great in his curmudgeon-i-ness. And TIGGER! (Tiggers are wonderful things!)
Thank you so much Dusties!

And oh how jmsmom went overboard and completely spoiled me and Charlie! Within her magic box were books, a beach towel, two stuffed animals, a fuzzy blanket, and a book on toddler health. WOW! Thank you jmsmom!

Isn't that amazing???? And there was more... more books, more cards. These are just the highlights.

My parents walked in and were flabbergasted that such people exist. As am I.

Thank you Book Crossers, for making a special time even more fun.

Ok.... time to write the thank you cards......


Single PAP said...

wow, seriously? that is amazing! i always wanted to join one of those secret pal groups they have with chinese adoption but i haven't been able to find one..


Justina aka: DoveiLibri said...

Hello, Single PAP: Actually we're from! We love to share books and send them on trips around the world! This was such an exciting milestone for our friend, who we know as Mikavr, that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to send some gifts (and, of course, some books to start Charlie off on her book sharing course!) We have a lot of fun, and share books, too. Come join us!