Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's been quite a trip so far

Well, I'm not going to be writng alot because I'm afraid what happend to my update at Schipol airport will happen again here in Addis... namely the power will go off after a long post. Nor will I be checking for typos. Typing as fast as I can. As it is it took 10 minutes to get to my email as the computer at this internet cafe is sooo slow.
But on to the big news! I'm here in Addis with my mom and we got to pick up Charlie a day early (on Monday!) instead of waiting. The hand over was pretty traumatic and awful. She cried upon arriving at the Guest House even though the nanies stayed for severl hours she cried through the whole thing. Then the nanies left and she kept crying, shrieking really, and was inconsolable. nothing I tried worked. I think the agency should have aprents pick up their kids at the care center, where they are calm and not afraid of new surroundings, maybe over the course of a few days. As it was, Charlie was in a brand new place and seeing brand new faces, all at the age of 10 months, when stranger fear is great.
She finally cried herself to sleep and when she woke up I was there with a bottle. She looked into my eyes and like a baby duckling, she imprinted on me and since then I cannot put her down without her shrieking and having a meltdown. Even my mom, who has been around her as much as me, cannot hold her. if my mom even glances at her she hides her face in my neck and starts crying. When she is in my arms, she is a pretty good baby, not much cring. She is teething and has some bad congestion. We tried taking her to the dr, but due to rolling blackouts they were not seeing people at the time we arrived.
 I'm sending this before the blackouts hit this area of town. Back soon if possible! Sorry no update for so long but it's been literally impossible.

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ModernMom said...

Thrilled to hear you got to pick up your baby a day early. I wish you quick bonding and lots of smiles and hugs!

Michelle J said...

Soooo happy you are now with her!! This is the hard part. It'll get easier for you both with each passing day.

Calmil2 said...

So great to hear from you!! Can't wait to see pictures. You just keep holding that beautiful baby girl....congratulations!!!

Single PAP said...

so happy to hear an update. i know you can't read comments in addis, but i still want to say yay and hang in there!

Amy said...

I am glad you arrived safely and find get to hold your little girl.

Kristine said...

So happy you have her in your arms!
It is a great sign that she wants only you, nurture that for as long as you can. :)

Leesavee said...


We have officially put in our application to adopt two of the waiting children from your agency!!!!!!!

Kristine said...

So, so sweet!
That is actually a good sign that she was afraid of you...means she has an attachment before and just needs to transfer it to you. The children who will go to anyone are the ones who are unattached and most at risk.
Enjoy every minute!!! They grow so fast :)

Anonymous said...

MORE MORE MORE! pictures of you and daughter please! Hope your trip back was uneventful and safe. Can't wait to see you two together in pix and in real life!!!!!