Monday, June 1, 2009

I must be awesome (or something)!

Ok, so I have been looking high and low for a bookshelf for the nursery. I tried Toys R' Us and their Baby cousin, various furniture stores and warehouse stores.

I hadn't been having any luck until this past weekend when I pulled in to a shanty shack selling used crap-o-la and spotted THIS (gasp!!!) in the back of the store (on it's rungs were VHS tapes from the 1980's for sale).

So I ask the toothless lady "How Much?" and hold my breath. She hems and haws and gums and chews and says "Wellllllll...... it's real wood an' all...... it came from my own house an' all...." and I'm thinking "Ah darn, it's going to be too much!" and she says "I couldn't take a penny lessen $25. Nope. Couldn't do it."

Woo Hoo! I said "SOLD!" so fast she spun around like a top as I rushed to the car for my wallet.

She was probably cursing herself for quoting too low a price, but that's one of the benefits of keeping a dirty car filled with dog crates... people assume you are either crazy or poor. Or both.

So the weekend was spent painting.

Here we are at 2 hours (oh, and I went to the car wash immediately after buying the piece: Crazy, perhaps, poor no longer!):

4 hours:

6 hours (done):

And here, from various angles:

And VOILA! Am I awesome or what?!?!? I used the templates that my neighbor's mom used on the famous mural and I think it turned out GRRRREAT!

What do you guys think? (Click on the picture for larger and more details.)


Calmil2 said...

It is GRRRREAT!!!! I love it when the item you've been looking for shows up right in front of you.

Lyn-Dee said...

Beautiful! template or not...totally great work!

Angela said...

Now that is cute!! Wow, she probably wanted to kick herself, but she wasn't doing anything with it obviosly. That is really cute.

My son has a desk, hutch, and chest from his childhood I'm saving to paint. Did you have to sand and prime?

missy said...

you are definitely awesome. it's fabulous!

Single PAP said...

i like it! you have talent..and more importantly, vision. i couldn't see that finished product in my mind's eye when it was in its natural state.

very nice!

sko3 said...

extremely cute!

bookcrosser Queenfrog said...

What a great find and a beautiful job painting it. Any child would be proud knowing this was painted just for them. Well done.

- queenfrog -

Kiki said...

It's really pretty! Great job! Ok, now the watchful parent in me comes out (and I'm not just telling you this because my own 9 year old just did a similar thing in the school library a few weeks ago)but you might want to think about attaching it to the wall. It looks kind of tall and easy to tip over. Charlie could pull herself up on it and bring the whole thing down on her head.

Yes, Matthew climb the shelves in the school library the other day and rocked them enough that the VHS tapes all fell down off of them. Totally embarrassing to have to hear about that one!

Sarah said...

Yes, you are awesome, and so is that shelf, good job!

emaye said...

LOVE it! Don't you just love it when you can find a steal like that?

Queen Diva said...


I'm so jealous. You get all the luck!

I'm still yet to decorate my daughter's room and she has been home for almost two years. But I'm happy for you at the same time!


Anonymous said...

awesome. You are totally talented! danicuz

Erica Hanks said...

It is SO CUTE!!!

I'm here visiting from OH!!

Tarah said...

Great job!!!

Ana said...

You did a great job!

Anonymous said...

I nanny for a couple that adopted a baby girl about a year ago from ethiopia. She is aboslutly wonderful- an amazing sweet baby. She's about a year and a half old now and I totally adore her, everyone is in love with her.

Its amazing what you are doing and huge kudos! the nursery looks beautiful

D said...

Very crafty!! I like!!!

Don't forget to bolt it to the wall so it doesn't tip on angel-babe when she starts climbing on it.