Monday, June 15, 2009

Shower pictures

Upon requet, here are some shower pictures.

Welcome to Sally's house! We're having a shower!

Here is the table setting. We had pastries, a french toast casserole, grass fed pork sausage, smoked salmon with cream cheese and toast triangles, roasted potatoes, asparagus and blue cheese quiche, quiche Florentine, and....

for dessert....

Sally baked a spectacular dark chocolate cake with raspberry cream layers, topped with fresh raspberries. Yum!

My dad composed a poem welcoming Charlie home. He touched on issues such as leaving behind everything she knows and learning about a whole new world, but that we are ready for her and will help her.

One of the crafty activities was to use fabric paint and paint on onesies. There were some excellent results, including "I summer in the Hamptons" and one with the Ethiopian flag (which Charlie will wear while exiting Ethiopia.)

Another fun activity was having everyone put together a scrap book page for Charlie's scrap book. My mom and Dad had diligently worked on a scrap book which included several pages of this blog (and readers comments and congrats, in particuler the day we passed court!) I have about 15 new scrap book pages, each with it's own flavor and design, thanks to my creative guests.

My cousin Kiki (mother to Matty and Ola of "Silly Saturday fame") copied the Word Art I did on a post here and had a graphic designer come up with this fabulous framed piece for the nursery! I love it! It's the perfect color, an the perfect gift.

And this wasn't part of Sally's shower, but at work I had a shower today also and this was on top of the cake. I thought it was adorable.


ModernMom said...

Such great photos. It looks like you had an amazing day. Thanks for sharing:)

Shannon- said...

Awww! I'm all teary just looking at the pictures. Soon you will be together!! YAY!!!

Queen Diva said...


Everything looked so nice. I loved how the table was decorated and the little baby on the cake was too cute.

I hope you got some really nice things for your daughter!


Michelle J said...

I LOVE Kiki's gift!! That is awesome!
The shower looks like it was really lovely. I'm sorry I missed out on the celebration and all the activities :(

K Leclercq said...

WOW! I've been out of the blogging loop for a little while. So much has happened! I am SO HAPPY for you. I can't believe you'll be with little Charlie in no time at all. She is simply gorgeous. Going through reading your past posts made me teary eyed! I love her nursery! It is amazing how much support you have. I am so sincerely happy for you!

Amy said...

There is nothing better then chocolate and raspberries together. I love that your dad wrote a poem. I love the onesies-so happy she'll get to wear them soon.

Angela said...

Oh how sweet. I love everything. Only 6 more days.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mikavr, I was just reading your blog and just couldn't let it be unsaid that I haveso much respect for your thoughts on raising Charlie. I especially like this one. "You will never be the only child of color inyour school." I am glad you realize the importance of this. I was also deeply touched by "We will honor your birth mother on Mother’sday and many other days." I do think as Charlie grows to adulthood, shewill respect this more than you will ever know. Also very touching.. "I will learn to make some Ethiopian dishes for us toenjoy. You will get to go back to Ethiopia with me one day. We will playand eat with other Ethiopian adoptive families as often as possible." You will be a wonderful Mother to Charlie and i am honored to be able toshare in this with you both. Just a lil warning here.. "I promise I will not use my saliva to clean yourface.(Unless it’s an emergency and no one is watching.)" You will have touse your spit.. it is unavoidable. :) lol Sometimes on yourself. Whenever Idid this to my kids I also asked then to spit clean me.. it made it not soone sided. Anyhow.. you touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I look forwardto your both coming home! Have a great, safe trip and first thing give Charlie a hug and kiss fromher Auntie Dusty! Be safe my friend! Dusties

Anonymous said...

If your dad doesn't mind, you should print his poem. It was so lovely.

I cannot believe you will see Charlie in 4 days. You must be so excited. I am so excited for you.Can't wait to see pictures of you with her in your arms!!!!!!!!!

danicuz, your cousin ;-)