Saturday, June 13, 2009

Silly Saturday

My niece and nephew are so smart, they figured out there was a camera on this rollercoaster ride, and figured out exactly where it was and when it was taking a picture.... and posed for it. Hilarious! Ola is making the "L" for "loser" symbol. Sheesh these kids.... precocious.

Their smarts were showing long before this picture. Here's this Saturday's installment:

Matthew 2 yrs, 2 months – Matthew & Daddy having dinner alone. Matthew having chicken and peas and Daddy quickly cooked hotdogs for himself. Matthew pointed at Daddy’s plate and said, “Hotdog!” Daddy asked, “Would you like to try a hotdog?” Matthew answered, “No, I eat food.”

Matthew 2 yrs, 4 months – Matthew was enjoying a cookie as he clomped around the house in his Dutch wooden shoes. Daddy asked, “Do you knew where people wear shoes like that, Matthew?” Matthew replied, “On their feet, Daddy.”

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