Friday, June 12, 2009


I have a dining room table full of items for Charlie that need to be packed, and a houseful of guests arriving for lunch tomorrow.

Which means I have to get this stuff packed and off the table.

The problem is, I might receive certain items for my shower on Sunday. Items I’ve already bought in order to be “ready’ to travel 2 days after my shower. In my wisdom, I decided that it would be better to have too much “stuff” than not enough “stuff” and have to go shopping the day after my shower. Some people might have asked: “Why not wait until after the shower and only buy what you still needed?” Well… I was working on the premise that I wouldn’t get the “useful” items off my registry, because they aren’t that fun to buy. Like a nipple brush. Or disposable diaper bags.

The 2 days after the shower, I actually have to go to work full time, immunize the dogs after hours, pack, go to the bank and get $2000.00 in new (post 2004) bills, drop off the dogs at the kennel, do about 20 other things on my to do list and LEAVE.

So I thought it would be smart to buy everything on the list, and return things that I received as gifts later. So I bought all 200 items, and put them all on the dining room table. What better place to keep stuff organized? Besides, half of it’s from one store and half from another, so they must stay in their bags so I can tell where to return it to.

Problem is, where to put all that stuff while guests are expecting to eat off a table? And are sleeping on beds? And your house should look the best it ever has because family who haven’t been here in years are coming to visit? I feel like weeding the entire backyard, but have simply run out of time.

Also, I just bought a crap load of food at Sam’s in order to feed the troops, and we’re leaving 2 days later. Unfortunately, much will go to waste I fear, as it’s not really freezable. Perhaps I will give it away.

Which is one more thing on the to-do list.

Why does it always seem like when it rains it pours? And everything exciting in life happens the day before the other most exciting thing in life? I have spent MONTHS sitting around waiting. And now, all of a sudden, it went from 0 to 60 in a day. Wooo-hoo! Hang on, it’s a rollercoaster!

(Actually in my defense, I have been preparing, such as making jam from garden strawberries for guests, and shopping for Charlie, and preparing the nursery… it just feels like I’ve been sitting around waiting for awhile….)


ModernMom said...

Ahh welcome the the rollercoaster that is parenting! You will be fine. One thing at a time and you won't feel so overwhelmed. Ask for help!! People love to help.
Good luck!

ShannonC said...

Your guests will love to see the stuff your packing. It'll add to the excitement of it all. yay!

Kiki said...

Suggestion that I do when I have a ton of stuff to hide quickly. Put it in the trunk of your car. Or, with your house, just put it in the basement. There is so much room down there. Leave it in the bags and put it down there and forget about it until after the shower.

Long Journey Big Dreams said...

the picture didn't work on my computer but from your description I can picture it myself! 200 items!!! I can't even think of that many :) It will be awhile for me yet but look forward to the whirlwind you are in! Have fun with your company!