Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You won't be able to buy second hand clothes, or toys soon!

I can't believe this law ! It's absurd! We are supposed to become more environmentally sound this year, not less! According to this blog, this law will make it illegal to resell children's clothes, merchandise or toys. I can see why it's important to have safety information on toys, so that lead isn't used in the paint on Sponge Bob's shorts... but we need to talk to China about that, not make it illegal for consignment and second-hand stores to sell children's items! This could also make it illegal for individuals to sell these items at their own yard sales, for Pete's sake. Here is an article that explains the legalease and repercussions in simple English. Thanks agin, Mr. Bush, for taking something NOT BROKEN, and BREAKING IT.

So go shopping NOW, while you still can, especially for the big ticket items!

Here is a paragraph from 5 by faith, the blog I found this information on:

"HR 4040, the Consumer Product Safety "Improvement" Act of 2008. Sometime in February a new law is going to effect that will at this point make it illegal to sell ALL used children's items (ages 12 and under). Clothing, books,toys, baby gear...anything and everything. They (lawmakers/lobbyists?) are trying to get an amendment to this already passed law, that would make resale shops (goodwill, consignment stores, etc) exempt from this law and allow them to sell used clothing under specific guidelines. I think even then, it will still be "illegal" for everyday folks like you and I to sell our items on craigslist, eBay, newspaper, etc. SERIOUSLY...it makes me sick to my stomach. What are we all to do with our used items it is illegal to sell? Apparently, send it to the landfill. Perfectly good strollers, baby carriers, high chairs, toys, clothing, etc....all "illegal to resell". It's disgusting. Another way to force our nation to be consumerists and buy buy buy new things. PLEASE...research this, send a letter to your senators and congressman expressing how appalling this new law is. I think this is rooted in the big lead paint scare of recent years...but seriously. Here are a few links to articles about this (FYI- I don't share all of the same attitudes or views stated in these articles, but they do have good info about what this means) World Net Daily article- this one has info on how to make your opinions known at the bottom of article Duane Morris LLP siteLA Times "

She's got a lot of good points and I agree completely that this is moving in the wrong direction.

ETA: There is up to a $15 million fine in case you think you can get away with selling your play pen at your next garage sale. I'm just saying....
ETA: I found out this law goes in to effect on February 10, 2009 and thrift stores are already taking children's clothing and toys off the racks! Make sure you click on the above links at the top of the post to read up on exactly the repercussions of this law.

Here are some of the items thrift stores and consignment shops will need to have tested, or not sell (mind you this is not a comprehensive list:
- vinyl items when stabilized with lead & you can't tell by looking at the item what was used to stabilize the item, unless the vinyl is clear- clear vinyl doesn't have lead. So, vinyl can be found in faux leather, shoes, purses, toys such as dolls and dinosaurs, and similar items. Also look for vinyl wrapped wires or metal pieces in toys, such as those bead chasers that run on a vinyl wrapped metal piece.
- pearl like or pealized buttons on clothing.
- brass buckles on belts and similar items.
- crystal adornments or embellishments.
- paint on inexpensive toys, particularly camoflage paint for some reason.
- some snaps or similar metal closures.

Seems like thrift stores may err on the side of caution and just not sell any kids stuff for fear of the massive penalties. If I was a business owner, and I could be accused of knowingly selling one of the above items (whether I knew or not) I'd be very careful myself and just wouldn't sell any of it. this is also hurting small business and folks who are knitters and crafters, as all wooden toys will have to be tested. Cds and DVDs as well. Thank goodness books are safe.... I think.


Eryn said...

Thanks for asking, it's fine with me to link. I am no expert, but I am an avid second hand shopper and all of my local shops are fearing having to close thier businesses. It's not illegal to sell used items I've learned, but it is illegal to sell UNTESTED used items. Of course, testing is insanely expensive and out of the question for all these little shops. Truly truly appaling law that is incredibly poorly written.

Cathy said...

I just heard about this the other day. How awful....it is devasting.

Calmil2 said...

Oh my goodness!! I had heard about the toys but didn't realize it included clothing. That is ridiculous! I have tons of adorable baby and toddler boy clothing that I was planning to sell to raise $$ for our adoption. I guess I better get on that, ugh! Harmony

Single PAP said...

what?! i hadn't heard this! and i was planning on hitting every yard sale this summer! that's outrageous!

J-momma said...

okay, everyone is panicking over this. this is my husbands field, he knows all about it. he said that they aren't planning to enforce this new act for a year, and even when they do, the smaller organizations will fly under the radar. they won't come after them. however, some of the bigger consignment stores are getting rid of their larger item inventory (cribs, high chairs, etc), so if you need it, buy it now. but don't panic.

Kiki said...

I just went and read a summary version of the Amendment itself and it doesn't appear to me that garage sales, consignment shops, etc. are affected by this at all! I actually think it's well written and provides for testing and protection from imports that could be harmful. You should go read this summary and see if you still think it's so bad. I think you might change your mind.

Tami said...

Better go shopping NOW!!!!!!!