Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I need to clarify (no pun intended) the statement about the butter! Some folks are thinking I was describing the color of my referral's skin when comparing her to "clarified butter"! No, that was not a comment on her coloring, it was meant to be a comparison to how smooth, creamy, and clear her skin is... not a blemish on it. It's like looking into the vast universe.

Her coloring could be compared to a Starbucks caramel-mocha-frappa-latta-chino. With cream. And a cherry. Delicious.

Does that help a bit?



Calmil2 said...

Yummy!!! Whatever that picture is above I want it! I thought the "clarified Butter" comment was cute :) Harmony

Angela said...


I wanted to say irregardless of what shade of beauty your little sweetie is, I'm sure she's a little doll. I also thought your comment as cute, even though I ribbed you. Sorry!

Thanks for the clarification!