Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am NOT writing a Valentine's Day post!

Here I am, 38 and still single.

I'm NOT writing a Valentine's Day post.

Instead, I'm reminiscing about the blow out Anti-Valentine's Day parties I threw annually while in college. Black hearts, cobwebs, spray painted black roses, and guests were not allowed to bring a date.

Those parties were THE place to be on Valentine's Day night.

I had guests calling to BEG me to bring their date, lest they "get in trouble" for ditching them, and choosing a rocking party over a "romantic" and expensive dinner out. Nope, I said, that does not adhere to the theme of the evening, which was to celebrate singledom. Come alone, or not at all.
Apparently, I was WAY AHEAD OF MY TIME.

Perhaps the fact tht I'm still single now is the Love Gods' (Eros, Cupid, Aidan, Alalahe, Angus Og, Aphrodite, Erzulie, Venus and Zizilia) revenge? One must be careful about not angering the Gods. I remember this every time board a plane, but in my youth I was reckless and not concerned with Their Wrath.

Ahh, to hell with it.....


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Rachel said...

Even when you're with someone, it's still a pretty lame holiday:-) Happy Anti-Valentine's Day!