Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The beauty of Social Workers

At the pizza parlor the other week, while paying, I was holding "There Is No Me Without You" in my hands. I overheard the woman ahead of me in line ordering. The pizza parlor employee greeted her with gusto and a smile, asked how she was doing, and she didn't even answer his question. She just commanded: "Gimme a slice and a Coke." I thought to myself: "Sheesh... rude!" but didn't say anything of course. Then she turned to me and asked me what I was reading. I told her.

"What's it about?" she asked.

"It's about the African AIDS orphans and this wonderful woman who takes care of them."

She curled her lip and said: "Eww..."

Flash forward in time to that afternoon.

I'm walking up the ramp at work and bump into a fellow social worker.(I always have a book while walking through the parking lot... it's a long parking lot and a waste of time not to be reading while crossing it.)

"Whacha reading?" he asks. I tell him the title. "What's it about?" he asks.

"It's about the African AIDS orphans and this wonderful woman who takes care of them," I tell him.


Aren't social workers awesome?


Amy said...

I love this book and think everyone should read it.

Angela said...

Yes Mika,

Social workers are nice people. Especially our homestudy social worker. She's the nicest woman I've met (just in case she's following your blog). Anyway, you guys have good work schedules too.

Tami said...

I loved that book. As for that woman, she has issues and it showed for the very beginning. I would have asked her why ewww, but that is just me.

Carole Turner said...

That is one of the most amazing books ever, that lady needs a head and heart check.