Saturday, December 27, 2008



I reserve the right to name my daughter, but I'd like to hear some ideas. Please vote in the poll on the right, or if your preferred name is not listed, please add it in the comments section.

NOTE: If my daughter has a name already given to her by her biological family, that name will remain as her middle name. I wouldn't want to take away the only thing left she has from her past heritage. I am actively searching for first names though and would love to hear suggestions.


Bryan Kamenetz said...

Ayana is the recommendation of my wife, Ana. I personally prefer Sibylla. I also like Gnishilda, and Ana likes Sofie. Finally, I add Coby and Xandra.

Mika said...

Wow thanks Bryan! That was very quick :-) and so many to choose from!

Anonymous said...

I have found several other ways that Anike is spelled which I like very much.
Anika -- which means very beautiful
Annika -- which means grace, favored by God
Anninka -- ditto

Then there is the Dutch spelling -- Anneke.

So you have a lot to choose from. Let me know which spelling you like best.

Here are some other names I like:

Alexis or Alexa or Aleksia
Victoria -- nickname Vikki
Alka -- which means noble, brilliant. Nickname could be Lalka or Lala
Nicola -- nickname Nikki
Pippa -- which means a lover of horses and is the feminine of Philip
Miranda -- which means the admired one
Minka -- which means strong, resolute
Vanessa -- would go well with last name
Wiridianna -- would also go well with last name
Aamina -- an Ethiopian name. Nickname could be Mina

I think I better stop here but could come up with other names if you wanted.

Anonymous said...

Ethiopian names: Gabra (gift of offering) and Desta (happiness) were the prettiest I found that might have meaning.
Gabra could be "Gabby"--a nickname I've always liked.
Desta also sounds like Destiny--which is how you've described this process.

Other names:
SIMONE--means loud or "heard" --as if you heard her calling for you.

NERISSA--a character I really liked in The Merchant of Venice: a clever one. Means "daughter of the sea"--kind of how you'll get her.

AIMEE (loved) pronounced M.A.


Also, TESIA (loved by God)=Tess for short

Of the ones your mom mentioned, I like, in order,
Aamina (means SAFE-)very nice sound and meaning

Viridianna (means young, fresh)

from Dani

Adopting1Soon said...

Wow, love those names everyone! dani, I especially like Desta and Tess. Hmm, I may have to put up a new poll.

barbara said...

Wow, Mika that is great news. I am very happy for you and I am sure your parents are excited. They will be fantastic grand parents. Sophia and Nicolas love seeing your parents. I like the name Lola. It is simple, strong and feminine. If Nicolas had been a girl I would have chosen Ava. -Barbara

Adopting1Soon said...

Thanks Barbara! Good to hear from you :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mika !! PB here. Congratulations on
such wonderful news !! I am so happy for you !
I like the idea that you will be keeping
her name if she has one as her middle name.
You might even want to consider keeping her
name as her first name if you like it.
I also love that you are considering Ethiopian names too.

You are going to be a wonderful mom !!

Are you allowed to show us pictures yet ?

Justina, DoveiLibri said...

Know this is rather late, but I was just observing how many of the names on the list are Hebrew names that my friends have used for their children!