Saturday, December 27, 2008

Loving the unknown child


This adoption process is strange. I already feel in "love" with a faceless, nameless child - perhaps she isn't even born yet! I'm already attached to the "idea" of her and feel bursting with energy and love and nowhere to aim the love towards yet. So I do paperwork like a zealot and that's all I've done for 4 days! I hear it takes some families months, and I'm done already! And I read, read, read blogs about ET adoption, international adoption, ethical issues, trans racial adoption, black hair care, books I should read, music I should buy, etc, etc, etc. I have started a journal, which will also be a "life book" (something my social worker suggested, kind of like a baby book but for adoption or fostering). I can't imagine what it will feel like once there is a face to which to attach all these feelings.

For those of you interested in reading and learning more, and seeing some very cute babies, here are some of my favorite websites and blogs: this has the most concrete info for ET adoptions this is an ethical agency site you need to check to makesure you know what's going on out there

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