Sunday, December 28, 2008



One more step in the hundreds of steps of international adoption: I received my appt to go and get my fingerprints for USCIS (immigration) in January. I have already gotten my fingerprints from the local court house, and had a criminal check through the county and I'm waiting for the state criminal check to come back as well. So this is a third fingerprinting that needs to be done. For this one, I will have to wake up at 5 AM and drive 2.5 hours to be there at 8 AM. this is the day after I fly back late at night from my wonderful nephew's christening (guess who's Godmom?!!!!) So I'm sure I will be completely exhausted. I COULD reschedule, but that entails mailing a request for rescheduling and probably another month long wait, so I'm not going to reschedule, I'll just tough it out and play loud music so as not to fall asleep at the wheel.

They don't make this stuff easy.

Nor should it be. We wouldn't want criminals and child abusers adopting any child.

But why not do one national data base fingerprint check and be done with it? Say, FBI or CIA or Home Land Security, instead of county, state and national.

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