Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I already wrote about how impressed Charlie's extended family was over Christmas when she started saying "tank chew" after someone gave her something. Now I'm going to show off to the blog world ;-)

Here she is on video showing off her mad skills. Notice how her grandmother is ready to let her off the hook so easily? That is going to be the subject of a future post, coming up soon....

She also says "please" in sign language. Apparently I taught her the wrong sign for the world "please": it looks like she is scratching under her arms like a monkey whenever she signs "please".

Which is hilarious.

To me, at least. I will not be correcting her any time soon. As long as she's not doing that when she graduates high school, I'm going to enjoy a chuckle every time she asks for something.

So, is this advanced (as far as development goes) to be saying thank you? She is 16 months. Or is this "average"? When did your child start saying thank you or using manners in any way?


Calmil2 said...

uh oh, no video showing up :( He's a genius :) No, really, I think that is a little ahead. My 5 yr. old was ahead and had a lot of words at 18 months (still talks all the time, ugh, ha). My 2 yr. old is also a great talker, BUT I'm just hoping he will use manners when he is 20 at this point, ugh!!! Right now he just says, "no, you don't talk to me," so cute :)

Adopting1Soon said...

Calmil, There is a problem Blogger is trying to figure out with the videos.... none of mine are showing, but other people's arent' either according to blogger Help forum: "Hi Everyone,

Siobhan from Blogger here. We are working on a fix for the video problem and will update this thread when the fix is live."

So come back tomorrow and check out the videos, hopefully they will be fixed by then :-)