Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crap-a-lap-a-ding-dong I crashed my car.

I'm sooooo pissed right now!

I know that is because anger is a secondary emotion, and I'm probably still scared from the crash.

But here's why I'm angry:

- I checked Charlie's school online, no closing or late opening.

-I looked outside, it looked clear as a bell, as did the road.

- 1 second after I crashed, as I reached for my phone to call the police, I see a text message from Charlie's school, they are closing early. Meaning I didn't have to be on the road at all.

- 5 minutes after my crash, I get an automated call from the Township saying "Don't drive, it's pure ice out there today." Ummm... thanks guys. Next time try for earlier than 8:30 AM when most people have already left for work, huh?

- the tow guy cannot make it close enough to my car to pull it out.

- my week at work has royally s_cked, stress-wise. And with Charlie being sick, and the dogs having diarrhea and/or puking on my bed and in the shower I've just had it up to here (points to ceiling) lately and was hoping for a "recovery" week where I could get caught up and relax.

- I had to use another 8 hours of precious vacation time today. My vacation is rapidly being used up by Charlie's school being closed, or her being sick, or my crashing my car. Not by actual vacation.


So here's what happened. I left the house as per usual. Two seconds later I slid right off the road, on my own street (which is on a hill) because I didn't realize it was a sheet of pure ice. The impact was minimal, since I crashed into a bush and into the cable/phone/Internet box. Luckily, my neighbors rallied like a Hallmark movie of the week and helped me before they realized I knocked out cable/phone/Internet for the whole neighborhood. Hence no American Idol for the entire neighborhood. I'm so sorry guys! The nice policeman came and said I was the third "Michelle" to crash today. By 8:30 AM. Isn't that weird.... the universe has it out for me today.) The tow guy came but promptly left when he couldn't drive up my street. He came back later. My car is drivable, thank God. My deductible is quite high though and the entire bumper will need to be replaced.


When does it get better?


Anonymous said...

Sick dogs, sick baby, sick car. That has GOT to be it. Sorry your week has been so bad. Up is the only way to go from here. The good part: car still driveable, kid still lovable, dogs still huggable. I feel for you though. Must have been a total downer.

Nobody said...

(((hugs))) i don't know when it'll get better, but i can tell you that you aren't the only person having a cr@p-tastic time with life right now. it seems like every time i check my facebook, something else has happened to someone. must be in the air. the frozen, miserable, arctic air....

Kiki said...

Lucky neither you nor Charlie was hurt. It sucks but still, it could have been worse. You could have gotten to the bottom of your street and not been able to stop and got hit at the intersection by another car. That's what my frist thought was when my Mom said you slid down your hill. Phew. And you didn't miss much on AI. There were the usual few really awful and strange people, including a guy that I swear had serial killer eyes. Kara better watch out because they had words and I'd be worried he'd come after me if I were her. There was one 16 year old and one other girl, I forget her age who were quite good and Olivia has already said that she thinks one of them will be the winner. No guys that blew my socks off though as far as being the complete package. They either had a so-so voice and stayed on pitch and were cute or they had a much better, interesting voice but they were nothing to look at. Shallow of me to say, I'm sure, but if that many people try out they should have the complete package IMHO.

Chrissy said...

Yuck!! sorry to hear about the "crappy" things going on!! I have no great words of wisdom...I have learned...."it is what it is" Hope it gets better soon!