Monday, January 18, 2010

Dance, Baby Dance

Today we went to Charlie's first "dance". It was held at the cool downtown rock spot where all the indie bands play. Basically, it was a fundraiser for a Montessori school, and probably a hundred little kiddos showed up with their parents to get their groove on. At first it was 99 white kiddos, but then, amazingly, I spotted M (a fellow Ethiopian adoptee that we know from our Ethiopian families gatherings) and had a mini-reunion.

Also included in the corners of the auditorium were soft play stations, including tubes the kids could climb through, and play objects they could explore. The organizers provided costumes and dress up materials, as well as hula hoops.

We all had a blast.

Too bad they only hold it once a year. Considering it was cold and rainy outside, this was a perfect opportunity for kids to run around and let out tons of energy in a fun and safe environment.

Here is a video of Charlie dancing. Notice the "Ethiopian shoulders" which must be genetically programmed into her, since she couldn't have learned that in Ethiopia (she was too young when she left.)


Robbin Hopkins said...

that girl has some serious moves. It look like some breakdancing.

Kiki said...

Can't wait to dance with her every night when we go to Punta Cana. Olivia, Zoe and Charlie all together on the dance floor. I can see it now. :-)

LegalMist said...

aaawwww, how totally cute. :)

Adopting1Soon said...

Me too, Kik. That will be a blast :-)

I'm getting my reading list geared up for the beach.... think I'll be able to make it through a book? I'm planning on bringing 6 or 7.... just in case I actually get some time.

Robbin, it does kind of look like break dancing!