Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Week In Pictures

Ready for beach action.

Being courted by her cousins.

Queen of Sheba, life is tough...

With her aunt and cousin.

Modeling the latest in beach wear, including her Opa's hat.

An exhausted baby is an... eventually quiet baby.

Getting her hair done in braids. I've been told by several African American women that putting braids in her hair is "ghetto" and I shouldn't do it. But considering we were on an island and 90% of the female population had braids... Notice my sucked in cheekbones. I'm almost Kate Moss, huh?

Total strangers actually gathered to watch Charlie dance and take pictures of her. I kid you not. I've never seen anything like it. One man even told me "She's a rock star in the making". A male teen said: "She's the cutest baby I've ever seen." I cannot begin to describe the commotion she caused everywhere we went. It got to be a bit uncomfortable towards the end of the week, when women jabbering in strange languages came over and stroked her skin without asking and like they'd never seen black skin before. One couple stared at her so intently it was like they were checking out a strange animal at the zoo. Even upon returning to the States, when I thought life would go back to "normal", a man let me get ahead in the customs line (he let me cut about 50 people in line), and people were STILL ohh'ing and ahh'ing. I hope now that we are home things will settle down again.

One of Charlie's beautiful cousins, Zoe.

She had much fun with her grandparents too.

My angel.


TowardstheHorizon said...

Not being biased, but that's what happens when you have a cute black child. They're irresistible. I pinky swear. hee!

Personally, I think braids are universal for African descendants. It's our culture. I don't see anything stereotypical with braiding a little child's hair. Charlie's too cute to be labeled.

Glad you enjoyed your trip!

Single PAP said...

adorable!! i don't think braids are ghetto.. it totally depends on the style.

btw, i swear she has similar features to you and your mom. the cheeks for sure! funny.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love, the picture of the sandy foot!! Charlie is so darn adorable!! Her braids are darling.....

Tamra said...

She is so, SO gorgeous! Watch out, mama... you're going to have to barricade the door once she hits high school. :-)

I love the braids, and they most certainly are not "ghetto"!

Michelle said...

I love her orange bathing suit! She truly is adorable :)