Friday, February 12, 2010

Life is So Full of Extremes.

Will tomorrow look like this.....

or like this?

Hmmm... I wonder.

Please pray for us! We are flying again! It's a risk we have to take in order to live full lives. We are so brave. Seriously.

Hopefully, God willing, I'll be back with another post in a week.


Kiki said...

OMG! Do you have a collection of plane crash pictures or what?! You're going to be fine. Your plane will not crash. You already had a car crash this year so you've had your fill of crashes. You're done. See ya tomorrow!

Calmil2 said...

Don't ever show that bottom picture again...UGH, ha :) You know I hate flying as much as you do and I still have to get on a plane to Ethiopia someday!!! I'm sure you will be fine and enjoy that top picture scenario:)

advocate_for_the_innocent said...

Enjoy your vacation! Sorry everything has been so crappy for you and Charlie lately. I'm going to think positively for you (since that fixes everything right?) and say that this means the rest of Oh-ten will be fabulous!

Angela said...

You are funny when it comes to these plane crash pictures. lol!

How is the beach? I'm sure the ride was worth it.