Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cheering My Old Ass Up

Not much could make me giggle this morning, but this did, so I'm thankful.

I'm taking comfort in the fact that 40 is the new 25.

So there.


TowardstheHorizon said...

Happy Birthday!!

I'm two years older and certainly understand your humor. On a postive note, people say I don't look my age but I'm certainly beginning to feel it.

Stephanie said...

I hope you have a fabulous birthday! Forget about the number and just enjoy the ride! :-)

Bryan said...

You only turn 40 once. Unless you make it to 80, which is like turning 40 twice.

Alternately, it's simply the 20th anniversary of turning 20.

In any case, isn't it all ego and fear of mortality and after all, was being very young really very great? It certainly wasn't a time of continuous happiness.

Or, as the Beatles told us so long ago: Everyone of them knew that as time went by they'd
Get a little bit older and a little bit slower but...

Or, perhaps, as Sly told us: Stand, in the end you'll still be you.

Happy birthday, enjoy these things, and all other things.


Missy said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I found 40 to be a relief and I am grateful for every birthday since.
That being said, the Vermont Store sells "Tired Old Ass Soak"