Friday, August 7, 2009


At 7:28 this morning I was awoken by the image of blackness. When I realized my head was on my pillow a huge sense of relief and thanks to the powers that be that it was a dream. It seemed so real...

I was in the middle of the first row of a plane, and there was no cockpit door so basically I was seated just behind and in between the pilots (perfect viewpoint). The lady next to me spilled her drink and complained "It's a bit too bumpy back here!" to the pilots. All of a sudden the plane hit HUGE turbulence and my drink went flying too. One of the pilots said "This isn't good" and the nose plunged. All around I was expecting screams of terror, but instead heard sighs of disappointment. Life was over. People were sad to realize that. I had flashes of my life and love ones. We hurtled towards the ground I could see the houses and streets coming closer and closer) (it was all very realistic) and I too was so sad life was over. I expected to not feel anything from the impact, just to be totally obliterated. I closed my eyes and BAM! Woke up with POUNDING heart. And a sense of immense gratitude.

I can still hear the woeful sighs of fellow passengers realizing this was it..

So, now, I head to the airport.

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Michelle said...

Oh dang. I misunderstood your previous post and thought you had already left. Hang tough mama. Use the dream to remind yourself how amazing life is, even when things aren't working out just how you'd like them, even when it's a bad day. Man, do I knwo THAT feeling lately!
Sending prayers and well wishes. I know you'll be fine because God knows I need you around. How's that for self absorbed? :)