Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First date!

(Beulah enjoying the shade.)

Lots of firsts at this age!
Charlie went on her first play date, with Haiden and Tait (the sons of a good friend of mine). We packed up and went to the park, with Beulah who's day it was to take a walk.

It was a success! Although it was very hot (92 degrees after a week of 70 degrees was quite a shock!) the boys played very nicely with Charlie. Haiden, especially, is an expert sharer (which he learned from his parents and Noggin TV chanel) and would bring toys over to Charlie and say: "Here Charlie, you can play with this pirate! Here, Charlie, you can play with this boat!" and Charlie would sit there eating grass and looking at him with wonder. It was so fun! We are going to try and find a pool to bring them all to on Friday.

Here are some pictures of the fun outing.

Learning to share. Well, at least Haiden is learning. Charlie's not quite there yet ;-)

"Breakfast of champions": Coke Zero and Nilla Wafers.
(Just kidding... Charlie did not imbibe any soda! She did, however, have a Nilla Wafer or two... although I don't allow sugar, I thought it wasn't fair for her to watch the boys eating and not get some.)
Also, check out her 70's terry cloth shorts. Snazzy, eh?

Haiden was very loving and gentle with Charlie. He gave her hugs and kisses freely and without being asked. Future suitor?

Charlie hasn't gotten over the "boobies" shock of yesterday.... Do ALL women have these things??? WOW-ZA!!! Life is good!

Stay tuned for Firday's pool trip.... I'm praying it doesn't rain. We are planning a trip to Dairy Queen after the pool, and to be honest, that is the main reason I want to go ;-)


Michelle said...

Love the pictures! YAY for play dates!
I see you have a no sugar rule...will Charlie get Dairy Queen? Surely you won't take her to DQ and not let her have ice cream?!?

Adopting1Soon said...

Well, she doesn't know what it is... Is that too mean?? I'm thinking she'll be in her car seat, facing backwards, and won't even have a clue I'm eating something :-)

We'll see. I'm not about being cruel! If she sees it, I'll let her try it.