Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bye Blog World!

Dear Readers,

I feel the time has come to end this blog. It makes me sad.

On the other hand, the story of the adoption journeys is complete. Charlie and my story is just beginning, but the adoption portion is done.

I’ve truly enjoyed writing on here almost every day, and getting feedback and comments has been my favorite part.

Lately though, I’ve been struggling to think of things to write about that would be interesting to my audience, an audience primarily interested in adoption. I’m not saying I won’t ever post pics of special occasions on here ever again, but I think it will be less of a daily thing and maybe more like once or twice a year, more just for a digital journal for myself to make sure I remember certain events.

I have always tended to jump into my hobbies 110% for about a year or two, and then my interest wanes and slowly I develop interest in a new hobby and that takes off. For example, I did mystery shopping for a year and a half, and that led into BookCrossing for another year, which then turned into blogging for a year and a half, and I’m not sure what the next thing will be…. Dating? Some hobbies are lifelong (reading, gardening, cooking) and others seem to come and go. I’m on to the next thing.

I’ll be leaving the blog up as long as I can, so that others can still peruse the useful topics and hints on the adoption process that I learned along the way. Use the topic guide on the right hand side to find issues you are interested in. I will still receive comments and red them of course, even on the oldest of posts. If you ever need to get in touch, use the comments box and I will respond.

Again, thank you for your support this past year and a half. It's been a comfort, a release, a guiding hand into this adoptive parenting experience. It's been invaluable. Thanks especially to all my loyal readers, Kiki, Dani, Opa and Babcia, Tante Laurie, Michelle, Nobody, Calmil, Missy, Joyce, J-Momma, Single PAP and all the rest of you. I know im leaving out a bunch of readers, apologies.

I’ll leave you with one last video of Charlie saying goodbye and then we will disappear into the Ethernet…. Bye all! I hope you live happily ever after and are successful in your adoption journeys!


Nobody said...

oh man, i am sadsadsad. :( i actually didn't begin following you because of the "adoption" part of the blog... i just thought you were an interesting person, and i enjoyed reading what you had to say. i don't suppose you'll start another blog just for everyday life? or weekly life? ah, well. keep us posted if you decide to open another blog, because you definitely have a loyal reader out of me. :)

Nobody said...

oh, how precious! my browser doesn't usually do well with video, but i was actually able to view it this time. :) my daughter stood next to me the whole time and echoed Charlie's "bye bye"s! we love you too!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I loved being able to follow your journey and to check in with you on a more regular basis. I know how hard it must be to keep this up with a little one in tow. You're an awesome mom and you are on to more adventures. Keep us posted. Your loyal reader and cousin :) Dcuz

Kiki said...

I'm with Nobody...I say keep the blog going, even if it isn't about adoption. I can't believe you are stopping it. I kept looking for you post this week, waiting, wondering why you weren't posting anything and then I have to come in to work today (Saturday) and before I get moving on work I think to myself, let me just check Mik's blog and see what she is up to and I find this! It's an outrage I tell you! I won't stand for it. You can't quit. Ok, so maybe you don't have to do it every day, but at least once a week. Common. I love hearing what you and Charlie are up to and seeing the video clips of her (I love that she can say my name so clearly!). And I know there is such a thing as a phone but I just never seem to think of it after a long hard day at work and I figure you are probably busy then etc. Please, can't we twist your arm to write more. Maybe just call it something different? Oh, and speaking about adoption, I can't believe you didn't talk about that 7 yr old Russian boy who just got sent back to Russia by his adoptive mother and now they've halted all adoptions from Russia to outside countries.
Anyway, I hope you reconsider. I'm going to miss these blogs. Love ya!

Missy said...

I'll miss reading your blog!!! Best wishes for a happy future with your beautiful daughter!!

You don't happen to be on facebook, huh?!?!?

Single PAP said...

wait? what? and leave us hanging on the dating and not letting us watch charlie grow up?! now that is just WRONG!!!

here's what i think you should do (not that you asked or are interested) but i think could do a living your life blog, online journal thing. forget about the adoption focus. on a new blog. and you could post pics of her with a pseudonym if you like and you could tell us all about your new dates. and your parents could see regular photos and videos of charlie which i know they love not living near by.

that's what i think! now do it!! just kidding, but something to think about.

btw, charlie has sooo much hair! how fun for you! i want naomi's to grow!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the information you passed on. My daughter and her husband are adopting from Ethiopia and I had passed the link on to them. You have helped them tremendoulsy. They have more to deal with because right after they got their referal for a precious boy, Ethiopia changed their laws on adoptions. Now the new parents must be there for the Ethiopian court appearance and then go back for the final one with the embassy appt and finaly bring him home. I know it will be hard to hold him and leave.
I wish you and Charlie the best and please know that I wasn't implying that you are a "tired old Ass" I just want you to know about the soaking salts named such. It sounded like a lovely bath would do you good.
So be good to yourself, be a little bit selfish at times and make time for yourself. Charlie will do fine with you. Just don't hand her a nurses kit when you don't feel well. She's bound to hit you on the head or tummy whith the reflex hammer to "fix it"

J-momma said...

awww....thanks for letting us into your heart, your journey, and you and charlie's life. i wish the best for both of you!

TowardstheHorizon said...

I'll miss you and Charlie. Fairwell wishes and her "bye blog", was adorable. lol! If you're on FB, let me know.

Amy said...

Thanks for allowing us to be apart of your adoption journey. I have learned a lot from reading your blog.

hijasamericanas said...

Wishing you and Miss Charlie all the best!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss you and Charlie so much, reading about your journey into motherhood was so heartwarming.

And I do agree you should keep on bloging, not as much, but you could do an update once a week, or even every 2 weeks or once a month. And you don't have to talk about adoption any subjects would be great, just to see and read about Charlie experiences growing up would be wonderful.

I also understand how you feel about hobbies, I tend to do the same thing.

So, whatever you decided in the end, just know that you brought a lot of smiles, wonderful memories and knowledge to me and also a lot of other.

Big hugs to you and Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog. I enjoyed reading along as I waited to bring my daughter home and after. I won't remove you from my favorites because I will look forward to those periodic updates. God speed. Tonya

Kristine said...

Oh no! I was looking forward to watching Charlie grow up and seeing you continue to grow as a mother. Perhaps, just end this blog and begin a new one for the new chapter in your life?? :)

Thank you for all the support you gave me via comments left on my blog during the 'dark days' of our adoption of babygirl.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I found a link to your blog on the adoption forums a little while ago. I have literally spent my entire weekend reading your blog from start to (almost) finish. (I'm on November 2009 right now, so I have a few more pages to go.) Just wanted to say that I have loved reading about you and Charlie and feel so inspired by your journey. I'm single and plan to start the adoption process as a single mother within the next few years (waiting until I have the finances.) I know your life as a single mom must be so busy, but if you would ever be willing to let me contact you via e-mail to ask you some more detailed questions about your agency and some more in-depth details about your experience, etc, I would be so thrilled.

Thanks again for sharing your life through this blog! I feel like I know your family and will miss reading here.

Adopting1Soon said...

Feel free to contact me at

Put something with adoption in the title so I don't think it's spam.

Thanks for your super nice comment :-)